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10 Apr

The following tutorial was made by Zakary1999 on Minecraft classic

Step 1: Build a 15 x 15 square of cobblestone

Step 2: Build it up 3 blocks to make it 4 blocks high

Step 3: build back at the base 5 blocks each side then connect them to get a really wide "U" shape

Step 4: Build that up 7 blocks to make it 8 blocks high

Step 5: Add 5 block long layers of wood ontop over lapping each other and overhanging the walls as in the picture

Step 6: At the other end make a doorway like in the picture, enter the building and straight on the other side make a simple doorway, making sure both doors are in a central position

Step 7: In the little room at the end make stairways and another floor, than in the top floor put in a window

If you are using the paid version of minecraft you could add cells downstairs out of wood fences and insert animals and even dispencers for easy kill, and if you use the “Magnetic drops” mod the pork etc will come straight to you, without rou even having to enter the room